Ten Ways to keep well on Dialysis

1. Follow your diet as advised by dietitian. Eat more proteins.

2. Take your medication as prescribed regularly check with your doctor.

3. Do simple exercise, yoga, meditation, swimming or Pranayam if possible.

4. Check your Fistula everyday if you are on Hemodialysis (HD) And catheter exit site if you are on peritoneal dialysis (PD).

5. Follow the advice about frequency of dialysis (HD 3 times per week and PD exchanges as recommended) Don’t skip ur dialysis for any reason

6. Keep a record of weight, Blood Pressure, blood chemistries and liquid intake.

7. Keep your Hemoglobin between 9 to 11 get your bone test Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3 and Parathyroid test done.

8. Take Vaccines (Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Influenza , Anti HBs -Titer).

9. Make a support group or Join it, keep yourself occupied

10. Keep reading and get more information on kidney diseases , dialysis & transplant .

Ten Ways To Keep Well On Dialysis