Care of AV Fistula

1. Exercise for your fistula after surgery regularly with a soft ball.

2. Always check for AV fistula thrill especially after dialysis.

3. Keep your fistula clean,always wash with soap and water.

4. Avoid Blood Pressure measurement, injection blood collection on AV fistula arm.

5. Avoid compression of the arm and sleeping on the fistula arm.

6. Avoid tight shirts and Full sleeves shirt.

7. Avoid wearing tight jewellery (such as bracelets)

8.Avoid lifting heavy weight by AV fistula arm.

9. Release tourniquet from Fistula arm 4 hrs to 6 hrs after dialysis.

10. Report if redness, fever, excessive bleeding, skin rash and coldness over the AV fistula or in that hand.

Care of AV Fistula