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“Kidney health for all, Kidney education for all”
Mumbai Kidney Foundation, a brainchild of Dr. Umesh Khanna, and aptly supported by enthusiastic Nephrologists and allied healthcare professionals from the time of its conception since March 2006, has been at the forefront of creating awareness for kidney related problems.

Over the years, MKF has been a pioneer in the field of medical education for Dialysis technicians, Dietitians, Dialysis nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. It has organized conferences, created teaching video modules and conducted social awareness camps for the benefit of patients suffering from kidney problems. The academy is actively involved in dialysis technician support group programs, financial aids for renal transplant and dialysis patients, and provides logistical help for treating mental and physical ailments of allied healthcare workers.

Mumbai Kidney Foundation is committed to skill upgradation and training of Nephrology healthcare professionals. With a vision to provide quality and updated education to one and all, MKF now expands itself to formulate the ACADEMIC wing of MKF academy. In the current era, where knowledge can be easily dissipated across platforms and social media fronts, MKF academy recognizes that Nephrology education should not be the purview of a select few. It should be a constant endeavor throughout the year with freely accessible discussions and videos from experts in the field thereby contributing to upgradation of medical knowledge both for clinicians, dietitians, nurses and allied health staff alike.

This academic wing will serve as a hub for diverse learning, accommodating professionals at various stages of their careers. Nephrologists & Primary care Physicians will be given access to  advanced certification courses to stay abreast of latest developments in the field of Nephrology. Simultaneously, aspiring Dialysis technicians/Nutritionists and allied healthcare personnel will benefit from specialized training, enhancing their skills to meet the growing demands of the healthcare sector.

The foundation has initiated the Mentorship and Observership programs, recognizing the value of practical, hands-on experience. Early career Nephrologists will be able to engage in real-world scenarios under the guidance and tutelage of Senior Nephrologists across the country, gaining valuable insights  into patient care & fostering a mentor-mentee relationship.

This holistic approach to education aligns with the foundation’s mission to not only disseminate knowledge but also to cultivate a sense of community and collaboration within the nephrology community. The academic wing of MKF academy welcomes the year 2024 striving to bring this vision into execution, through this website.

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