Dialysis Technicians' Academy

Technicians are the pillars of the entire Hemodialysis(HD) program. With 30% growth of HD in India, there is a huge unmet need for qualified / trained/ experienced dialysis technicians who are not available as of now. In addition, refresher courses are required for the available technicians to remain updated so as to provide excellence in dialysis care.

MKF has devised the following ways of upskilling the technicians
a. Teaching through Whatsapp Group
b. Regular zoom meetings
c. Teaching modules prepared by eminent nephrologists of the country
d. Physical conferences for HD technicians
e. A certificate course for dialysis technologist is being planned

The entire series of training videos are being prepared and will be available on the MKF Youtube channel.

Dietitian's Academy

Dieticians play a pivotal role in the holistic healthcare journey of CKD and Hemodialysis patients. CKD patients have their own unique problems including comorbidities like Diabetes, heart problems, malnutrition, etc. that require special attention on their diet and lifestyle habits. Our mission is to empower Nutritionists and Dieticians to enhance their expertise in dietary management, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle a diverse range of nutritional needs and contribute significantly to CKD patient’s health.

Announcing our ‘Certificate Course in Renal Nutrition’, where in 30 case-based modules by national experts will be available along with many interactive sessions of learning. There will be a MCQ exam followed by a Certificate of completion.

Social Initiatives

MKF has created a special fund for upskilling the healthcare workers by providing scholarships and sponsorships to attend national high quality meetings. The procedure of application and selection will be posted soon.

Dialysis Technician / Nurse, Dietician