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Our Offerings:

Academic Insight:
Unlock the doors to in-depth nephrology knowledge through our comprehensive academic programs. Our mentors, seasoned in the field, will guide you through the intricacies of nephrology research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Clinical Excellence:
Elevate your clinical skills with hands-on experience and guidance from leading nephrologists. Our mentorship programs bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring you excel in the real-world scenarios of nephrology.

Global Network:
Connect with a diverse community of nephrology professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our global network opens doors to opportunities, conferences, and research partnerships.

Why Choose Nephrology Mentorship Hub?

  • Expert Mentors: Learn from renowned nephrology experts dedicated to shaping the next generation of nephrologists.
  • Customized Learning Paths: Tailor your academic and clinical journey to match your unique goals and aspirations.
  • Cutting-edge Research: Stay at the forefront of nephrology advancements with access to ground-breaking research and resources.
  • Hands-on Clinical Experience: Gain practical skills through immersive clinical experiences, preparing you for real-world challenges.

The Observership program being conducted by the Mumbai Kidney Foundation academic wing, is intended to create an opportunity for the budding young Nephrologists. This program intends to span different niche areas of Nephrology practice, thereby ensuring skill upgradation via a targeted observership for a finite period of time. It is a semi-structured program in which the Nephrologists will get an opportunity to visit a center of excellence. The institutes and mentors  for observership have been carefully selected keeping in view the availability of patients to permit more hands-on experience and expert faculty. Interest letter along with a letter of recommendation and CV is to be attached for perusal and consideration. Mentors/ senior faculty will help guide and facilitate hands-on-training in the field of choice to ensure skill upgradation during the observership tenure.




Pediatric Nephrology

– St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore

– Dr. Sukanya Govinda (Dr. Mehta Children)

Critical care Nephrology

– Dr. Rushi Deshpande (HN Reliance, Mumbai)

– Dr. Valentine Lobo (KEM, Pune)

– Dr. Dinesh Khullhar (Max Hospital, Saket)


– Dr. Abhijit Konnur (MPUH, Nadiad)

– Dr. Mayuri Trivedi (Tata Memorial, Mumbai)

– Dr. Rajeevalochana & Dr. Sanjeev Nair (Adyar)

Fistula creation

– Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi

– Dr. Vel Arvind (Pineapple healthcare)

Permcath insertion

– Dr. Manisha Sahay (Osmania, Hyderabad)

– Dr. Shreebhushan Raju (NIMS, Hyderabad)

– Dr. Umapathy Hegde (MPUH, Nadiad)

ABOi renal transplant

– Dr. R. Ravichandran (MIOTS)

– Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi

– Dr. Narayan Prasad (SGPGI, Lucknow)

– Dr. Dinesh Khullhar (Max, Saket)

Hemodialysis CRRT

– Dr. Valentine Lobo (KEM Pune)

– Dr. Umapathy Hegde (MPUH, Nadiad)


– Dr. Dinesh Khullar (Max, Saket)

– Dr. Dilip Pahari (Medica Superspecialty, Kolkata)

– Sir Gangaram Hospital

Peritoneal dialysis

– Dr. Manisha Sahay (Osmania, Hyderabad)

– Dr. Shreebhushan Raju (NIMS, Hyderabad)

– Dr. Narayan Prasad (SGPGI, Lucknow)

Renal biopsy

– Dr. Narayan Prasad (SGPGI, Lucknow)

– Dr. Manisha Sahay (Osmania, Hyderabad)

– Dr. Shreebhushan Raju (NIMS, Hyderabad)


– Dr. Anila Abraham

Transplant Immunology

– Dr. Shruti Tapiawala (Global Hospital)

– Dr. Ajay Kher

Research Methodology

– Dr. Vivekananda Jha (George’s institute)


The semi-structured observership programme will be commenced from 1st March 2024. Candidates desirous of applying for the same will have to register on the MKF (Mumbai Kidney Foundation) website. There are no fees/charges levied for the application. Each applicant/candidate can apply only for a single area of preference and Institution.

The individual Institute and Senior faculty hold the exclusive right to issue Observership tenure/duration, number of candidates to be enrolled and curriculum of teaching during the stint. Candidates will be matched based on their preferences and availability of Observership programs in a given institute at the time of application.

Candidates will have to fill their application online along with their detailed CV and letter of recommendation. Their requests and placements will be matched by the academic wing of the MKF academy after direct consultation with the desired institute of choice.. Registration and application will be on a first come – first serve basis, but logistical barriers and timings will be entertained and accommodated at the purview of the faculty after discussion with MKF academy academic wing.

Candidates will have to bear the cost of living, travel and stay during the Observership programme. The minimum duration of Observership is currently at 1 month to ensure feasible and practical use of one’s academic time. Tenure can be adjusted at the sole discretion of the Senior faculty at a given Institution.

Final decision of matching of applicants to their training programme and tenure will lie with the Academic wing of Mumbai Kidney Foundation and Dr. Umesh Khanna.


Below are the contact numbers and emails of doctors who can be approached if you have any doubts regarding the Observership program.

Dr. Umesh Khanna

Mob No: 9769444971

Dr. Vineet Behera


Dr.Jithu Kurian


Dr. Ayan Dey


Dr.Nikhil B


Nurturing Future Leaders in Nephrology: The Mumbai Kidney Foundation Mentorship program.

Although called mentorship program this group is an unstructured “helping hands group”‘ trying to support and guide the young-early in career nephrologist. It is a platform of senior nephrology volunteers, who could be approached for personal calls, doubts, confusions, future career guidance and private practise hacks for budding nephrology community.

Recognizing the importance of grooming early career nephrologists, the Mumbai Kidney Foundation has launched a Mentorship Program.

The program offers insights into various aspects such as

  1. Work-Life Balance,
  2. International Fellowship Opportunities,
  3. Career Choices Between Private And Government Sectors,
  4. The Dynamics Of Group Practice In Nephrology
  5. Handling Personal Finances.
  6. Strategies For Preventing Medicolegal Problems.
  7. Doing Research In Private Practice
  8. Setting Up Hospitals, Clinics And Dialysis Units.

and many more

The Mumbai Kidney Foundation’s Mentorship Program for early career nephrologists is a comprehensive initiative that addresses few of suchcritical aspects of professional development through online modules, social media and interactive personal sessions.

By focusing on these basic everyday challenges , the program serves as a beacon for aspiring nephrologists. Through mentorship, the foundation contributes to the nurturing of competent, ethical, and well-rounded professionals who will shape the future of nephrology, both locally and globally.

Check Videos for Mentorship Program


Every exam, at any age is a stress and more so the practicals which are not only stressful but need practice to present cases, and to answer viva questions infront of examiners some of whom you have not met or spoken to. Also the stakes are very high as your performance on that day will decide whether you will pass or not.
Mumbai Kidney foundation conducts these annual mock exams which give students a rehearsal of these practical exams in front of national examiners. The pattern is exactly like a final exam with the same stress and anxiety built around it. All students who want to present cases and get practice has a chance to do so. Others also are richer by the experience of watching an almost real exams.
The students are extremely happy about this practice of holding the exams. They are conducted with the help of 12 national examiners. MKF sponsors the students to and fro travel, stay and the examiners hospitality all free of charge, through an educational grant.
Till now 3 exams were conducted in Mumbai, one in Chennai and next is likely to be in Delhi.
Mock exams is one of the most anticipated and appreciated activity of MKF.

Nephrology conclave” is a unique conference conducted by Mumbai Kidney Foundation, once a year on a few selected topics of practical day to day issues faced by practicing Nephrologists.
Both the speakers and attendees are called by invitation. The topics are predominantly interactive and more often a panel discussion or symposium on day to day issues. It is generally case based and gives enough time for Q&A sessions.. generally 2 theme based areas are selected and discussed threadbare by people who have worked in that field. It is a hugely popular and a unique meeting, spread over 10 hours from friday evening till sat evening, attended by nephrologists across the country.
The topics and videos are then uploaded on MKF’s You tube channel

Check Videos for Nephrology Conclave