Know your Numbers

Yes, every Indian who is more than 30 years should know his health numbers of Blood Pressure, Weight or BMI, Blood Sugar and Blood Cholesterol. He should aim for a perfect figure of Blood Pressure < 120/80, HbA1C below 6.5, BMI < 25, fasting blood sugar below 100 and post lunch blood sugar below 140 and your total  cholesterol <200 and LDL Cholesterol below 100.

This perfect figure matrix is very important as India is reeling under an epidemic of non- communicable diseases or what is referred to as life style disease.  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity or over weight kills more than 60% of Indians and what is really disturbing is, it kills them prematurely.

Indians are genetically more inclined to develop Diabetes, obesity and high BP at a relatively younger age when they are the bread winners of the family.

The 3 illnesses of Diabetes, Hypertension and obesity, not only are life threatening but more importantly they can lead to catastrophic  complication such as heart attack, paralysis, kidney failure, blindness, amputation , fatty liver & liver failure. The treatment of these complications is angioplasty, by-pass surgery, kidney transplant, liver transplant, etc.

2/3rd of Indians cannot afford it & even if you can, do you really wish to go through it?!

So friends take charge of your life. Have a perfect figure, only you can do it.

How do I have a perfect figure?

There are 3 steps to it:

  • Measure it: Any time you go to your family doctor, get your BP, weight & sugar checked or better still, buy these instruments and measure it at home.
  • Improve it: Join our “Ek Chammach Kum & Char Kadam Jyada” campaign. Start by reducing salt, sugar & oil by 30%. Avoid processed food & calories dense food rich in saturated fats. Beware of hidden salt in soups, bakery products, bread, noodles, sauces, pasta, farsans, cola drinks, etc. Start walking from today 30 minutes daily & say no to tobacco in every form.
  • Flaunt it: Once you reach a perfect figure of BMI less than 25, HbA1C less than 6.5, BP 120/80 and Cholesterol <200.



Dr. Umesh Khanna

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