Mumbai doctors believe in practising what they preach. If they recommend a 40-minute run or walk for you, they do it themselves, too. To celebrate World Health Day today, Bombay Times got doctors — pediatricians, nephrologists, cardiologists, clinical psychologists and health specialists — together for a morning jog, where they spoke about how Mumbaikars can stay fit and healthy, despite their sedentary jobs and hectic schedules.

Prevent lifestyle diseases For Dr Bhupendra Gandhi, consultant nephrologist, restricting ‘SOS’ is a must to lead a life that is healthy and disease-free. He explains, “SOS stands for sugar, oil and salt; restricting these will prevent diseases.” Kidney specialist Dr Bhavesh Vora agrees and feels that being health-conscious right from a young age has a lot of benefits. He emphasises, “We have to start early. Youngsters should keep a watch on their daily diet.”

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