Mumbai Kidney Foundation’s mission statement is “Sharing The Burden”. To this end, we are initiating three projects to provide aid to those affected by COVID-19.

Care To Teach

Amidst the heart-shattering statistics and the tear-jerking news reports, it is the younger, innocent ones who had the stars in their eyes dimmed. Because of the massive impact of COVID-19 this year, the breadwinners and caregivers of many families were lost. What followed was a loss of childhood when the children had to step up to take care of their families. They had to give up on education to fulfill various duties in and around the house because of a lack of funds.

Our aim is to provide funding to these children to help them get educated and have a better future. Mumbai Kidney Foundation invites you to join this cause and do your bit towards society.

We plan to reach out to children who have lost access to education due to the loss of a parent who was the primary breadwinner for the family and we are raising money for their education. Each child (could be studying in any grade from 1 to 12) will be funded for at least two years by us. Not only their school fees, but also their uniforms, books, stationary, other miscellaneous fees, and anything else they need for having a well-rounded education will be taken care of. If a student needs any electronic devices like tablets/laptops/smartphones because of the online mode, the same will also be arranged. We will also make sure that these funds reach the right people and are used for the right purposes. You can help by donating funds which boosts our strength to help. You can also popularize our message and help us reach more people who are willing to donate. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference.

If you know about any such children requiring help, please contact us with the following details :
1) An application form with details of all the family members including their name, age, address, contact number, name of the school, standard in which the child is studying, and the school fees.
2) A copy of the child’s Aadhaar card and ration card
3) A copy of the death certificate of the parent lost to Covid
4) Copy of electricity bill of the child’s residence
You can send the above information on WhatsApp at: 9821112487 / 9930746030 or mail us at

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