Don’t take your organs to Heaven, God knows we need them here

Please take 2 minutes of your busy schedule and read the following:

“Kishan and Radha in their early eighties have had a very happy and a fulfilling life. They have 2 sons and their wives and are proud grandparents of 4 grandchildren. However, their lives wouldn’t have been the same but for the help of an ‘unknown angel family’. Their elder son Sohan had developed liver failure and could live only if he received liver from another person. To their good fortune, Sohan received a liver when ‘unknown angel family’ decided to donate their son’s liver after he met with a serious road accident. This gift of life not only allowed Sohan to live but also gave him a chance to get married, become a father and to experience every aspect of life which all of us desire to. This kind gesture of the ‘unknown angel family’ not only changed Sohan’s life but also changed lives of each and every individual’s life related to Sohan. What if this had not happened? Would Kishan and Radha be as happy and satisfied as they are now? Sad but true that not everyone is as lucky as Sohan and his family.”

Do you know that almost 3000 people in India and all around the world are on organ transplant waiting list at any given time.Tragically, some will die waiting for an organ which could be another lease of life for them.21 people die every day while waiting for a transplant but even 1 organ donor can save 8 lives and change the lives of more than 50 people.It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “Nothing is certain, but death and taxes.”Sorry Mr Franklin, we don’t really believe that. We think we’re immortal. We’ll try anything to stop the process of ageing: broccoli, blueberries, dare I say… Botox?We are fooling ourselves.We cannot cheat death!But what if you could make something good, out of your death? How? By becoming an organ donor.Organ donation is the gift of an organ to help someone who desperately needs a transplant. And then there’s tissue donation.Because of you, 2 other people could have their sight restored.Because of you, the girl too ashamed to step outside because of severe burns could have a skin graft.Because of you, the patient with bone cancer could avoid the pain and trauma of amputation. If 1000 people die waiting for an organ every year that’s 3/day!!!We can all see the situation is urgent yet we are reluctant to turn our good intentions into actions. Let’s imagine you’re not the potential DONOR but are actually one of the unfortunate people waiting for an organ to become available. Imagine you are the man who was unable to play with his daughter because he needed a heart transplant.Surely you would take an organ then?Well if you would take one, why wouldn’t you donate one especially when you no longer need it? We do not need to fear it or take it as a taboo as all religions in the world also encourage organ donation.

What can we do? We can pledge our organs through organ donor cards and also educate and create awareness for the same in our homes, schools, colleges and workplaces. We can all make a difference by giving of some part of ourselves to help others especially after our death.
Give – to live.

What are YOU waiting for?

Dr Keyur Dave