Former Nurse Airlifted In From Dubai to Donate Organs

At Max hospital in Saket, the Ex-Nurse was declared brain dead on Sunday, after which her liver was used to save 55-year-old woman fighting for liver failure. The family was celebrating his mother’s life and the fact that even in death she was able to save others, said Navin Gupta.

Shashi Bala Gupta was a nurse at Sufdurjang Hospital. Her life spent caring the sick persons. The former nurse wanted to save many lives after her death by donating her organs, including skin. This 76-year-old lady flown in from Dubai in a critical state just to fulfill her wish of donating her organs.

In Dubai, Shashi Gupta had suffered brain damage after cardiac arrest in last week. Her son Navin Gupta, who heads the business operations, said that “It is difficult to donate organs in Dubai because of various legal formalities. But we had to fulfill our mother’s last wish so we flew her to Delhi.

The former nurse was declared brain dead on Sunday at Max Hospital. After that, her liver was used to save a 55-years-old woman who was struggling with liver failure. Doctors said that her corneas were preserved and the skin is sent to Safdurjang for grafting onto the burned patients. She always used to donate organs including skin.

Navin Gupta said, the family was celebrating his mother’s life and she was able to save the life of others too. Many people are willing to donate organs. My mother’s actions would inspire others. Earlier, the family doctor and the neighbor suffered from kidney failure, the former nurse went against her family to donate the kidney. The family kept protesting but the woman remained firm on her decision. She donated one of her kidneys to save the doctor and told the family she wishes to donate organs after death.

She was under the treatment of Dr.Sujeet Jha at Max Hospital. Dr. Jha, director of endocrinology, diabetes, and obesity, said he received a call from the family on Friday. The doctors in Dubai had given up on chances of her recovery. Her son told me he wanted to airlift her to Delhi to donate organs. I have never heard anything like this before. It is an overwhelming experience to know a person and her family who is willing to make this effort to save other lives,” he added.

More than two lakh Indians require transplantation. But due to lack of donors, most people suffer or die without the lifesaving procedure. Experts say a brain dead patient can help save more a dozen people by donating organs and tissues, including heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, pancreas, eyes, heart valves, skin, bone marrow, connective tissue, middle ear and blood vessels.

Hence, this can be an inspirational step.

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