Fifteen Principles of Management of Chronic Kidney Disease

1. Treat primary disease such as Diabetes, high blood Pressure, stone disease, Heart Disease, Obesity, Kidney infections promptly & completely.

2. Control Blood Pressure below 140/90

3. Control Diet and consult dietitian.

4. Control Cholesterol , Triglycerides & take medicines if required.

5. Correct Calcium & Phosphorus with medicines.

6. Maintain Potassium (K+) within normal range with diet (avoid medicated salt)

7. Maintain Bicarbonate (HCO3) with sodabicarb tablets

8. Correct Anemia (Hemoglobin) with Iron tablets & Erythropoietin injections.

9. Do regular Blood Test & visit Kidney specialist regularly.

10. Take Vaccines (Hepatitis,Pneumonia,Influenza,Varicella.)

11 . Check for Heart Disease & Treat it.

12. Avoid Kidney Toxic Drugs (eg.Pain Killers).

13. Avoid Ayurvedic Therapy, Smoking, Alcohol (tobacco).

14. Take Precautions to avoid infections like Diabetic Foot, gastroenteritis, sore throat.

15. Take Medical Insurance early.

Principles of Management of CKD